Virtual Guided Tour

1 An Intuitive - Interactive - Informative "Visual Website".

2 Showcase and promote business through immersive experience for customers.

3 Selling made easy - Take business to customers, wherever they are, 24x7.

4 Engage customers more actively through social media.


"VR Enabled Solution for an Immersive Experience"


Display on Website or Facebook

Publish easily across websites and Facebook.

Responsive Design

View the business seamlessly across computers, mobiles, tablets and VR gadgets.

Contact Info

View contact details and interact with business. Get directions for visit.


View details, watch video or listen to audio files while walking through.

Info Hotspot

Hotspot linked to specific information.

Audio / Video Hotspot

Hotspot linked to Audio file or a video link.

Boundary Hotspot

Information pop-up upon navigating to a point within a boundary.

Floor plan

Floor plan linked to Virtual Tour.

Useful Links

Connect to external links for relevant information or action.

Send Enquiry

Take a snapshot and send enquiry directly to business.


Take a snapshot of any object / entity and share across Social Media.

Usage Analytics

Understand customer behaviour through live usage analytics.

Use Cases and Benefits


We are an Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality company delivering world class solution based upon our proprietary framework. Started and driven by team of experienced and passionate professionals with vast industry experience, we have significant expertise in image processing and developing AR / VR solutions. We continuously strive to innovate and bring industry leading solutions to our customers. In our journey towards success, we seek alignment or partnership with like-minded individuals & organisations for a mutually beneficial engagement.


We understand your needs better. We guide the visitors through your business at their own convenience.


We help to showcase the businesses to the fullest extent so that no customer will ever walkout without knowing something about your business.


We enable the businesses to engage with visitors and customers actively. It is not just about guided tour, but a lead generation source.


Preksh Innovations Pvt Ltd.